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Drone Aerial Data Acquisition Services

Mike Schrock, president of BMP, is a former world champion remote control helicopter pilot.  These same skills that made him a champion pilot and over 25 years of flying allow him to offer professional drone services to you. 

This includes site-prep imaging, clean-up mapping, and leak detection.  BMP drone services offer pre-job site planning including, still pictures and video recording, along with real-time viewing. This service becomes a great asset when trying to find flowline or sales line leaks, as it flies a non-evasive flight over hard to reach areas with dense, overgrown vegetation. Additionally, rig and flare stack inspections can be performed from the ground with a drone, with no loss of production or risk to employees. 

Don’t try to estimate the total damage or loss from an oil spill. Let BMP drone viewing services give you a true aerial grid of any contaminated areas.  This service is great for documenting the clean-up for the EPA or insurance claims.  BMP drone aerial data acquisition services are an invaluable tool for collecting information that allows you to analyze the data you need quickly and efficiently.



Black Mountain Petroleum Oilfield Drone Services.

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